CEREC is CAD/CAM technology (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Milling) which allows Dr. Gamber to do single visit dentistry for many restorative procedures including:

  • Single Visit Crowns
  • Single Visit Veneers
  • Single Visit Onlays
  • Single Visit Inlays
  • Single Visit Short-span Bridges

Single visit dentistry reduces our patient’s time off from work and time away from family.  We are also able to reduce many potential complications by only having to treat the tooth in one visit.

CEREC restorations are minimally invasive, utilize the strongest materials available in dentistry, give your restored tooth a more natural match to the rest of your teeth and can help preserve the healthy part of that tooth.

And better yet, CEREC restorations do not contain any metal – which is not only safer for your mouth, but also eliminates unsightly discoloration. And, the ceramic materials used will even feel exactly like your other teeth!

Veneer Work – Before


Onlay Before

#30 cropped and flipped pre-op


Final case cropped and flipped